Website & Logo Design, Print & Digital Assets: LGS SkiSchool & LesGetsInfo


I was engaged to deliver two pieces of work for a specialist ski business based in the French Alps, LGS and Firstly, I designed the brochure website,  This began with the concept and design work of  a new corporate logo and brand design. I then translated this work into source files, including PhotoShop designs and all [...]

Website & Logo Design, Digital Assets, Product Design: Key Productions


I was the Graphic Designer responsible for all aspects of visual asset creation for the KeyProductions corporate film brand. We created a full name logo treatment using an inverted capital K shape which we then translated into a variety of message rollovers in the same brand style - 'Watch Showreel' 'Just Press Play' and 'Testimonials'. [...]

Graphic Design, Printed Visual Events Assets: The Wedding Industry Awards


It's been brilliant working with TWIA - The Wedding Industry Awards - since 2016 creating printed assets for their regional and national events, which are held annually across the UK to celebrate the wide variety of business owners who are then nuts and bolts of industries who make weddings happen. I've created the regional and [...]